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As I look at my second year of having my Las Vegas Hypnosis Show, Hypnosis Unleashed the two words that come to mind are fortitude and gratitude.  These words shape everything that I do.  They keep me moving, inspired and successful.


Fortitude is courage in pain or adversity.  While doing the show doesn’t cause me pain, there are many different types of adversity I face.  I’m challenged daily to increase attendance, make the audience happy and keep my business running smoothly.  Like change, challenge is a constant.  Every business owner faces challenges.


Keeping the business running smoothly is probably the most foreign to me.  Some of the best advice I was ever given was: Treat your business like it is business.  A simple concept I’ve repeated many times.  It works very simply.  I hate doing payroll, insurance, theater upkeep, bills and the hundreds of other things it takes to keep Hypnosis Unleashed running.  Hating it doesn’t stop it from needing to be done.  So I do it.  I schedule time to get it done or hire people to do it.  If you make the time to work gets much more tolerable.  If I know I have to dedicate 3hrs a week to a project, or I have to be somewhere for 45 min a day for 5 days it becomes easier to accomplish.  A huge task that sounds daunting and hated will weigh you down.  That same task broken up, structured and scheduled suddenly becomes very doable.  Know your business needs and plan for them.  It makes it much simpler.

Keeping my audience happy is a never ending task.  You can’t do a show like mine that combines comedy and audience interaction without flexibility in your performance.  I have to listen to my audience.  See what they are responding to.  Dennis Miller has said he starts off his show with three different types of jokes, whatever the audiences last most at is how he slants that night’s show.  I have to keep writing new jokes, listening to what my audience likes and growing every day.


We are far removed from the days of one important critic.  Today there are thousands of critics we all listen to thanks to the internet.  Tripadvisor, Yelp and blogs are part of our everyday lives.  Anyone has the power to review you.  That power has no responsibility either.  An online reviewer can post what they want, when they want, under a veil of anonymity.  You are being judged by everyone when you are a performer.  It’s part of the job.  When you have a great show the word spreads.  But you will never please everyone.  One of my favorite’s complaints was that all I did in my show was tell jokes, hypnotize people and make them do things.  You can’t please everyone.  If you want a career you better be pleasing 95%+.


Then there is the challenge that comes from gathering support.  You are never in business alone.  You will always need other people and support.  In my case I need the casino, ticket brokers, reporters, bloggers, other performers and many others to be successful.  Without Hooters support I wouldn’t have a venue.  If I lose the ticket brokers I don’t have an audience.  No bloggers or reporters makes it so much harder to reach people.  A good review, which is marketing, is stronger than any ad will ever be.  Your peers support will bring their crowd to you as your support brings your crowd to them.

You will be surprised at the amount of people who will support you if you are honest and giving. You will also be shocked at the support you won’t get from people.  You will count on support from others and you won’t get it.  You will get promises from people and they will be broken. You will give support and it won’t be returned.  Dealing with this is both the hardest thing to handle and the easiest.  The solution, simply, is gratitude.


It was told to me you cannot experience anxiety and gratitude at the same time.  This is true.  If you really look at the things you have to be grateful for, the negative fades away.  Every minute you spend focusing on the negative you are ruining a moment for growth.  If you are practicing gratitude you can look at all the people who are there for you.  Spending time with the people who want to help you is far more effective then cursing the ones who do not.


As I look at my career, more than anything else, I am thankful.  So many people have supported my dream and continue to help me rise.  The love and support from the people who were there in the beginning is still there.  Everyone in Detroit and New Orleans are still helping me to grow.  The friends that I have made here in town who help me to keep moving forward are priceless.  I have so many people to thank for the situations I am in.  An interesting fact as I look back over my entire career, anytime I did anything with anger, spite or malice nothing succeeded.  Anything I have ever done that was heart felt, honest, straight forward and with gratitude has grown by leaps and bounds.


Every adversity I face I look at as a chance to grow.  I am thankful for the opportunity to grow above it.  Mostly, I am thankful for all the people who lift me up when I fall short.  The people I surround myself with are easily the best part of me.  By remember them and being grateful I continue to find success and live my dreams.


So in the words of Bartles and Jaymes:  Thank you for your support.

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